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Bosch Daredevil™ Auger Bits

DareDevil Auger Bits
Nail killing auger bits are signature to DareDevil in their best-of-class nail-hitting ability and user ease. Built with dual cutting edges and a reinforced tip, these auger bits balance easier nail cutting and accurate drilling with the power to withstand repeated nail hits. To ensure the quality and accuracy of both entry and exit holes, these auger bits have been built with a reamer edge. To improve chip removal, these bits have an open-faced flute design. They also have a reinforced spine for that crucial extra strenght needed when performing heavy-duty application. All of these features combine to decrease the torque impact on nail hits by up to 61-percent while increasing the life of nails up to 9-times. These auger bits are available in a wide selection of sizes and packs, making them perfect for the contractor, professional, or heavy duty do-it-yourselfer.