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DeWalt is the leader in contractor power tools including cordless drills, woodworking tools and professional power tools. Their product line consists of over 200 electric power tools and over 800 accessories including: drills and hammer drills; screwdrivers; circular, chop, miter, table, reciprocating, and jig saws; planers, and impact wrenches. Known mostly for their line of cordless tools, DeWalt manufactures three different types of batteries: lithium ion, compact and XRP. Batteries of the same pact can be used in all tools accepting that particular battery. This convenience to the user is one of DeWalt's most popular features.

In September 2011, DeWalt will be introducing their 20 volt Max battery series to their current lineup of tools. The difference of the new 20 volt max battery is the slide-on design, which is not compatible with the stem-style batteries used with DeWalt 18 volt cordless tools since their introduction in 1996. New tools that will launch for the 20 volt Max line will include a hammer drill, a drill-driver, two impact drivers, a rotary hammer, a circular saw, a reciprocating saw and an LED work light. The slide-on battery is similar to the battery used in the DeWalt 12 volt Max compact-tool line introduced last year, and both can be charged from a single charger. The 20 volt Max batteries come in 1.5 and 3 amp-hour versions, so a lighter battery can be used when extensive run times are not needed. The introduction of the new and essentially smaller battery has allowed DeWalt to redesign their cordless tools from the ground up. Moving the battery to the base of the tool, drills and impact guns are now lighter and more ergonomic particularly in the handle grip which now does not need to compensate for the stick part of the old batteries. The changes, already a success with the 12 volt Max battery line, the 20 volt Max line will surely set a new standard in the cordless tool industry.

Rest assured that the 18 volt line isn't going anywhere and an 18 volt, 12 volt Max and 20 volt Max combination charger will be available in the fall to ease the transition. However, there are still many tools available for the standard battery. From saws to rotary hammers, many users can still rely on these tools being compatible with their already existing batteries. One new product to the 18 volt line will be the DCS370 cordless band saw. Weighing less than ten pounds, the DCS370 is ideal for electricians, plumbers, and other professional contractors who are tasked with cutting threaded rod, uni-strut, conduit and other metal materials. The weight is balanced perfectly from end to end to reduce stress on the user cutting in tight spaces or above their heads.

DeWallt has set out to accommodate every person in need of completing any task in construction. They are constantly inventing and improving tools to better suit the needs of the people that matter most, the end user. Their upmost concern for safety, convenience and efficiency has made DeWalt the industry leader in industrial tools. No matter what job is in need of completion, for years and for many years to come, DeWalt continues to provide a means of accomplishment.