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Festool FES-M0595 Hand Sanding Block Set, 6" soft, 6" hard, 80x133 hard Festool 500068 Container Bx for SYS-SB (2 pc), 180x120x71
List Price: $75.00
Ace Tool Price: $75.00
List Price: $15.00
Ace Tool Price: $15.00
Festool M0595 Hand Sanding Block Set Soft + Hard Container Bx for SYS-SB (2 pc), 180x120x71

Festool FES-M0595 Hand Sanding Block Set, 6" soft, 6" hard, 80x133 hard

Container Bx for SYS-SB (2 pc), 180x120x71
SKU #: FES-500068

Festool can provide significant time and material-cost savings to workers in the construction/woodworking trades.  This means increased profits for general contractors, cabinet makers, woodworkers, solid surface fabricators, and even weekend warriors.

Festool provides benefits for tradesmen

Festool products enable tradesmen to accomplish day-to-day tasks Faster, Easier and Smarter. They also reduce the cost of doing business. Festool is able to deliver these benefits to the professional by utilizing a system approach and offering superior tool features. To get the job done right the first timeÄÄ.Festool understands that tradesmen need the right toolsÄ combined with a large collection of accessories and consumables.

Festool products fit what Tradesmen do.

Festool power tools create efficiencies through alternative techniques. For example, while they do not currently offer a Contractor Table Saw for cutting down sheet goods, Festool offers the TS plunge cut circular saws instead, which accomplish the same task with far superior results. Taking the saw to the material, instead of the material to the saw, allows one person with a set of sawhorses, a TS Saw and a guide rail to cut down 4'x8' sheet goods with surgical precision. With the added benefits of dust extraction, lighter weight and a splinter free cut, the TS Saw line is just one example of how Festool will revolutionize the way tradesmen handle their most difficult tasks.

Important items for all tradesmen

As business owners, tradesmen are concerned with finishing the work on-time and keeping the work-load consistent. Most tradesmen rely on referrals and recommendations to generate new business. At the end of the day, customer satisfaction is their greatest tool in generating their recommendations to attract more customers. Customer satisfaction comes from on-time project delivery, minimal disruption of the customer's routines while completing the job and a high quality of craft. The Festool system was designed to help them to deliver in these critical areas.