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Festool 574683 TS 55 REQ Imp. TS 55 REQ Plunge Cut Track Saw 574686 - Festool Circular Saw TSC 55REB Li XL, Cordless-561718 Festool 561692 Circular Saw HKC 55 EB Plus
Festool 561556 TS 55 REQ Plunge Cut Track Saw Festool 574684 TS 75 TS 75 EQ Imp. Plunge Cut Track Saw 574685 - Festool Circular Saw TSC 55 REB Li, Cordless-561730
201402 - Festool Circular Saw TSC 55 REB - FS, w/ Guide Rail-561702 Festool Circular Saw HKC 55 + FSK420 Festool 561756 Circular Saw HKC 55 + FSK420
Festool 564637 Circular Saw HKC 55 EB Basic, Cordless
Saw blade depth and Dust extraction

We've noticed that this question is asked occasionally - "Why does my Festool Track Saw seem to be throwing out more dust on some cutting applications than others?

Of course, the vacuum filter bag might be full--but there is also a relationship between the saw blade depth setting and dust extraction, especially when cutting thinner stock.

As the saw blade is set lower and lower, the dust is literally thrown farther up into the blade chamber, and if the blade is set for a shallow cut, more dust is thrown forward. In other words, the angle of the cutting surface of the saw blade changes more to the vertical as the protrusion of the blade into the stock increases.

If that last sentence made your head spin... here's an image worth a thousand words...

Festool Saw Blade

Sometimes, of course the cut depth needs to be shallow to prevent cutting into the surface below. Just know to expect more dust in those cases. The Festool MFT table top is meant to be sacrificial and it is normal to cut into the top about 1/4" or so. This is when dust extraction works a bit better. Dust extraction works best at full depth, but you don't want to cut your table in two, especially with the larger TS75 saw.

And always, always...the very first thing to check and then check again is the depth setting on the circular saw blade before cutting. And before cutting did we mention be sure to check the depth setting on the blade? We do have spare parts available on the website for the MFT tables if necessary.  Click here to go to the Festool MFT Table spare parts page.