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Festool Brilliant 2 Sanding Paper Festool Granat Abrasives Festool Miscellaneous Sanding Accessories
Special abrasives for paints and varnishes. Preliminary, intermediate and final sanding for painters, joiners, furniture makers and interior fitters.
The new abrasive 'GRANAT' are available in 150 mm in diameter (eg ROTEX) and is also in Ø 125 mm, Ø 185 mm, 80 x 400 mm and for RTS / DTS.
Festool Rubin Sanding Paper Festool Sanding Pads Festool Saphir Sanding Paper
Preliminary and
intermediate sanding for joiners, carpenters and painters
in the woodworking and furniture industries.
Special abrasives for
heavy-duty use under
particularly tough conditions.
Festool Titan 2 Sanding Paper Festool Vlies Sanding Paper Granat Sponges and Vlies Abrasives
Preliminary, intermediate and
final sanding in paint shops and automotive repair workshops.
Special fleece abrasives
for light sanding, roughening,
cleaning, degreasing and matting.