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Bosch HC5015 SDS-max Speed-X 9/16x8/13 Rotary Masonry Drill Bit

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Bosch Tool HC5015 SDS-max Shank Bit (CT) 9/16 x 8 x 13

Bosch carbide rotary hammer bits feature tips that stay sharper longer and deliver more holes within their ANSI specification than competitors' bits. Also, Bosch shafts wear at a much slower rate than most others and can take more abuse because of Bosch's technologically advanced conditioning process.
* Manufactured to ANSI standards, Bosch bits also meet and exceed ISO (International Standards Organization) standards. 98% of the carbide tips are molded to the specific ANSI size. Only 2% (specials) of all bit diameters are ground to size * SDS-max® rotary hammer bits not only fit Bosch SDS-max® hammers, but also competitive SDS-max® drive hammers and Hilti hammers using TE-Y and TE-FY shanks