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Besides orange, CMT Woodworking Tools is quality.

 CMT has a long-standing tradition of manufacturing only the highest standard in tooling. Careful consideration is taken in all aspects of the business - from the selection of raw materials, to the research and design of each tool, to the technology and workmanship applied in production - right down to the details and aesthetics of packaging and the promotion of the brand CMT.
CMT Hole Saws CMT Saw Blades CMT Router Bits

CMT Router Bit Sets CMT Forstner Bits CMT Boring Bits
CMT Router Cutters & Chucks for CNC CMT Hinge Boring Bits CMT Plastic Bushings and Blade Cases
CMT Cutter Heads & Knives CMT Countersinks CMT Chucks and Collets
CMT Blade and Bit Cleaner CMT Adapters CMT Accessories
CMT 3D Router Carver System

Committed to Quality!

Ever since the companies inception in 1964, CMT has been devoted to industrial quality and innovative product development. CMT has grown and evolved but there has been one constant: it is our commitment to manufacture only the finest industrial quality cutting tools.