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Milwaukee Electric Tool has been an industry leader in providing a wide range of heavy-duty, portable, electric and cordless power tools.

Founded in 1927, Their product line consists of over 500 power tools and 3,500 accessories which exceeds that of any other tool manufacturer. Building on a tradition of innovation, Milwaukee has set the bar high for other tool manufacturers to follow. Most notably, Milwaukee was the company to invent the first reciprocating saw known as the "Sawzall" in the 1950's. The original Sawzall was the first portable hacksaw was made up of a reciprocating mechanism with only three moving parts designed to provide a 3/4" stroke for sawing and roughing out. To compliment the Sawzall, Milwaukee released a full line of blades designed for all different types of cutting applications. Milwaukee was also the company to invent the first right angle 1/2" drill. This right angle drill was ideal for plumbers and electricians to work in tight quarters and provided a time-saving and convenient aspect to the construction industry. Milwaukee revolutionized the power tool industry early on and they haven't stopped yet. In the 1990's Milwaukee was one of the first companies to realize the demand for portable cordless tools. They provided the industry with a well supported line of cordless 18 volt power tools. Their initial lineup consisted of cordless Sawzalls, rotary hammers, right angle drills, hammer drills, impact wrenches, and circular saws. Milwaukee often met competition with more innovation always keeping up with the demands of users, constantly improving on their tool line. This led to the revolutionary incorporation of lithium ion batteries in their cordless tools, another industry first. Milwaukee now boasts the best line of Lithium Ion batteries in the industry called "Red Lithium" which provides 40% more run time, 20% more power, and up to 50% more recharges than the standard lithium ion batteries in the industry. All batteries come with a charge meter providing the user an estimation of how much power the battery contains. Their M18XC and compact M18 batteries have slide-on capabilities allowing for more ergonomic handles, and better weight distribution. The most convenient feature is the cross-compatibility of the Red Lithium batteries with existing M12 and M18 tools. Their current cordless lineup consists of the standard drills, hammer drills and circular saws but new tools like the cordless band saw, another industry first. To directly support their wide range of tools, Milwaukee offers an expanded range of accessories. Their patented line of Sawzall blades are the industry leader in cutting technology. Their wood cutting blade, "The AX" has the most standout features of any other wood cutting blade in the industry. The "Nail-Guard" technology allows specially designed 5 teeth per inch pattern to saw easily through metal nails without damage to the blade. The "Fang-Tip" allows for an easy plunge cut on the first bite as opposed to the bouncing of the blade seen on other manufacturersĂȘ blades. A thicker body and higher profile provides a more durable and longer lasting blade than the competition. Their "Torch" line of metal cutting blades also feature a thicker body, higher profile, and specially designed teeth to prolong the life of the blade. Milwaukee has been changing the way construction is done for almost a century. They continue to listen to the end user to better their products and go above and beyond to provide them with nothing but the best tools in the trade. Their dedication in providing cutting edge technology and industry firsts has led them to become one of the most trusted names in power tools today.